Type Tools - ARTG2251

Objective & Overview

The purpose of this class is to teach design students the tools necessary to typeset and produce professional quality printed materials using primarily Adobe InDesign. This course is paired with Typography 1 and should provide you with the technical expertise to complete all assignments.

What we'll cover

Course Structure

In-Class Exercises

Follow along with the lecture/demonstration for exposure to functions, capabilities, and best practices concerning InDesign and Illustrator.

Open Studio

Opportunities to receive specific guidance regarding tools and techniques for Typography 1 assignments.

Homework Assignments

Out of class practice incorporating learned tools into the design process.


Your grade in this class will be determined your attendance record, your ability to explain your thinking (in both speech and writing), and your participation in class. For all assignments, you will submit your working .indd file (or other file) via Dropbox File Requests. The link for each assignment submission can be found on this web page during the week leading up to its due date. Late projects without a medical excuse will automatically be dropped one-half letter grade.

80% Assignments

10% Attendance

10% Participation