Vendela Larsson

Visual Designer &
Front-end Developer

I’m currently a design team lead at thoughtbot.

I design mobile and web app UI & UX, UI kits, websites and brand identities.

I’m comfortable implementing my designs using HTML, SCSS, React, Ruby on Rails, and other bits and bobs.



Re-branding for a wine label in northern Italy.

Domaine Caviar

A new business importing luxury food items without the middle man.

Sketches, drawings, art

Silverstein Holiday Cards

G&S Equestrian

Branding for a new company that buys and sells horses in upstate New York.

The Fizzy Filly

Branding for a catering business based out of a vintage Irish horse trailer.

Ice Cream on a Sunday

A blog about ice cream.

Kids Ask

A tool for parents to talk to their children about difficult topics.