Data Visualization

Currently in Progress

Showing data about the worst areas
in several different U.S. cities

Information Design


Projects for Information Design class
at Northeastern University


UI • Design • Front-end Development

A financial analytics startup based
out of Boston, MA

gradient A.I.

Design • Craft CMS • Front-end Development

A personal health data company

Living Etc.

Identity • Design • Web Design

An interior design company
in Madison, New Jersey.

J+ Studio

Design • CMS integration

A design studio that services early stage
startups and more.

My Sketchbook


A glimpse into my sketchbook

Life Tech Forum

Identity • Design • SquareSpace

A forum to accelerate Swedish life science entrepreneurs and innovators expansion into the U.S. market.

Student Rabbit

UI • UX • Front-end Development

Student to student textbook exchange.