5D Tools - ARTF2224

Course Description

This course is an introduction to making websites using HTML and CSS. We will explore the basic concepts, syntax, and application of HTML and CSS and how they work togther.

This class is the Tools component of 5D Fundamentals: Experience and Drawing ARTG-2223. It aims to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to execute your goals for projects in that course.

You should leave the class with a strong understanding of how to create a basic website with HTML and CSS, the syntax and form of these languages, and how to use online resources to learn more.

What You'll Learn

Setting up an HTML page and adding content to it

Styling said content with CSS

Using the developer tools to debug code

Setting up a domain name and hosting with AWS

How to use search online for answers to other questions you might have


Attendance is mandatory

If you miss more than three classes, your grade will drop a letter for every class you miss after that. If you have to miss class for any reason, you’re still responsible for the material covered and for any assignments that are due.

Stick with it and stay curious

Coding can be frustrating, but if you want to learn and you stick with it, it is really rewarding to implement your own designs and know how websites work. Keep at it!


Each homework assignment will be worth 15 points. If you come to class, do the assignments and follow instructions, you will pass. If you ask good questions, try to fully learn and understand the content and give a good effort you’ll likely get an A.

50% Assignments

40% Projects

10% Participation

Class Format + Materials

Each week we will have a brief presentation and/or a code demonstration. As the semester goes on, we will have more independent in-class work time, especially to coordinate with deadlines and assignments for the main 5D Fundamentals class.


The only materials you'll need are a text editor and something to take notes and sketch on. Sublime Text and Atom are popular text editors and are free to download (I use Sublime).

I one time had $6 left in my bank account when I went to Northeastern. Be twice as good as me me and have at least $12 which is about the amount you’ll need for hosting your website on AWS.

Handing in Assignments

Each week I will post the assignment along with a link to a Dropbox File Request. All assignments are due before next class (due date is set to the time the next class starts).

After the due date Dropbox will not accept more submissions and you will receive a zero.

However at the end of the semester I’ll give you a chance to redo assignments if you didn’t receive full credit. Assignments not submitted in the first place will receive a maximum of 10/15 points.