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Please use your last name to name your file. These are due by 5:45pm on December 11th.

12Tabs & Voting for PostersDEC 4

All about tabs and how to use them!

In-class presentation about tabs

Practice assignment for tabs (optional):

While I'm building the form for voting on the final poster, feel free to experiment with tabs with this assignment, or work on something else.

Recreate this table of contents using this text:

Table of Contents 1 How to create a Table of Contents or Update one page 5 2 Typing a TOC manually page 43 2.1 How to automatically create a TOC Word page 51 2.1.1 Marking entries by employing built-in styles; page 53 2.1.2 How to create a TOC from the galley; page 57 2.1.3 How to create a custom TOC; page 63 2.1.4 How to Update the TOC; page 71 2.1.5 How to delete a Table of Contents; page 80 3 Table of Contents Template page 103


Vote on your favorite poster (don't vote for yourself). I will show the top posters to Eli at Union Press and based on what is most feasible for him to create, a winner will be chosen and I'll announce it as soon as we know (probably in a day or two). This will be the poster that we'll print when we go to Union Press.

Vote for your favorite!

11In Class CritiqueNOV 27

Today we're doing an in class critique of the chosen 3 sketches we have for the posters. We'll split into smaller groups and everyone will show their 3 options and get feedback from the rest of the group. By the time class is over, you should have an idea of which direction to pursue for your final submission.


Work on finalizing the one poster option you created based on the feedback from your critique group in class. Remember that your final submission for Project 3 is due next week (Dec 4th)!

10Working Class & Intro to Project 3NOV 13

Introduce Project 3 and then begin working on it. If you have other questions related to InDesign or typography we can cover them now as well.


Do your 5 sketches in class, by the next time we meet (November 27th), please have your chosen top 3 designs printed out on tabloid paper for critique.

09Composite Files and Typography for Mobile DesignNOV 6

I hope you voted today if you can! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Today we'll be covering how to create composite files in InDesign, and going over some questions people had after last week. I'll also be doing a quick demo of how to do some basic things in Figma in case you want to use it for your homework.

Composite Documents Presention from Class

Programs I use in my job (In reference to last week's lesson)


Redesign a menu from your favorite restaurant to work for mobile 15pts


Submit PDF for Week 09

08Design as a CareerOCT 30

I've gotten lots of questions about my job and what I do. What do I do for work? How do I use typography in my day to day in the field? What is the process like for designing and developing websites and apps?


thoughtbot case study for SplitFit

Programs I use at work:

InVision (for linking together and sharing prototypes)

Figma (for designing)

Sublime (my preferred text editor for coding)

Trello (for creating progress lists... or any lists) here's a sample trello board I'm using for tracking progress on my ice cream blog

Middleman (Ruby on Rails static site generator)

Gatsby (ReactJS static site generator)

Sketch (like Figma, but you have to pay for it)

Dribbble (for product design inspiration)

Behance (for general design inspiration)


No assignment this week πŸŽ‰

07Exporting & HyperlinksOCT 23

Exporting your documents to PDFs and creating both external links and links to content within your document.

Presentation about exporting

Presentation about links


No assignment this week πŸŽ‰

06Class canceledOCT 16

No class tonight.


Work on Project #2. Please zip and upload the packaged file using the link below. Due one week from now (10/23) 100pts

Submit File for Project 2

05Working ClassOCT 9

I'll introduce your second project, and then you'll get to work on it during class. If you need a refresher on how to do something, or have questions from your main Typography I class, I'm here to answer them for you.


Work on Project #2. Please zip and upload the packaged file using the link below. Due two weeks from now (10/23) 100pts

Submit File for Project 2

04Colors & StylesOCT 2

Go over the different modes of color, when they are used, and how to create them and switch between them in InDesign. Go over paragraph styles, character styles, and object effects.

Presentation from class


No homework this week

03Master PagesSEP 25

How to use master pages in InDesign. We'll take two articles, lay them out, and create a template for them to practice using master pages.

Article 1

Article 2

If you're missing class tonight for any reason make sure to let me know. Master pages is an important concept and will be necessary for your Type I class as well as an upcoming assignment in this class. Make sure you're comfortable with them!

About master pages Adobe's guide to master pages

A Quick Guide to Master Pages from InDesign Skills


No homework this week

02Page Layouts & Making GridsSEP 18

More on guides, using columns, grids, baseline grids, creating guides, exporting to PDF, going over project 1.

If you don't have a resume, or just want to use this to follow along in class, here's an InDesign file with my resume text in it.

Assignment (Project 1)

Find project 1 details here. Please zip and upload the packaged file using the link below. 100pts

Submit File for Project 1

01Overview & WorkspaceSEP 11

Introductions, go over the syllabus, creating a document, understanding workspace, setting up basic elements (text, shapes, guides, frames)


Please fill out this form. Completion will count as attendance for today.