Type Tools - ARTG2251

01How to find font names on the web using the Inspector

Using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser, right click on the section of text you would like to find the font name for.

Next to the Styles tab, click on the Computed tab. Underneath the concentric colored squares, there should be a section called “font-family” where you can find the name of the font.

02Handy guides & tools

How to make a baseline grid

Adobe InDesign User Guide

Adobe Typekit

Google Fonts

The Noun Project

Grid Reference

Pantone Color Finder

Guide to Master pages

How to package an InDesign file

How to add pages to your InDesign document (I like this one because it has pictures 🙂)

How to create a compressed/zip folder (Mac)

How to create a compressed/zip folder (Windows)

03Lovely fonts

Helmet (Free)

All of Klim Foundry's fonts Free to use as test fonts-- make sure to check the license for using these!

MailChimp rebranded! They're using Cooper Light for a lot of their main text, it's available for free here.

04Typography in the wild


Book block editions notebooks

Sessions with Typography (TypeKit experiment)

MCKL Type Foundry's Website

Milk Street Website by Upstatement

05Super handy Chrome extensions

Whatfont - Click to find font information